If I was to say my experience with 3D printing was limited that would be an understatement! I’m a complete novice with absolutely no experience with 3D printers and the fact that I was able to take this Anet A8 3D printer which comes disassembled and successfully build the printer says a lot for not only the design but also the instructions that go along with the printer.
The printer arrived from and it came well packed, however… when it arrived in Australia the customs department decided to inspect the package and let’s just say it didn’t get repackaged properly. Fortunately it still arrived undamaged and I immediately opened the box and placed all the parts on the dining room table.

ANET A8 3D PRINTER – Anet A8 3D Printer Wood Filiment 3mm Diameter (be sure to get 1.75mm if ordering the Anet A8). – Gear Best Main Website
The instructions for building the printer are all available on the supplied micro SD card however they are also easily accessed on line through their YouTube channel, an adapter for connecting the Micro SD card to your computer is also supplied. I should also mention that all the tools required to make this printer are supplied (Spanners, Screwdrivers and Alan keys), all you need is a computer.

Micro SD card with USB adapter

Tools supplied with Anet A8
In total it took two evenings to build the printer but if you started building in the morning you could have a fully functional printer by the afternoon! The instructions are well put together, the videos are easy to follow and should you have any problems the customer service is fantastic, they answer their YouTube comments promptly.
To have successful prints the first time I found the build plate needs to be almost perfectly level, this isn’t overly difficult but does require some patience. I did notice when I used the printer for the first time the build plate had a very slight dip in the center. It’s made of aluminium and as I would expect, it is not perfectly flat. I managed to fix this problem by using a 6mm thick piece of glass and used bull dog clips to fix the glass to the build plate…. Problem solved!
I had the glass cut exactly to size at a local glazier and I got them to trim the corners of the glass so I would still have access to the leveling screws. That’s the only modification I made to the printer.

Glass Panel – 20 x 20 cm

Leveling screws still accessible with glass panel in place

Glass panel held in position with clips

Nozzel only 0.2mm from build plate measured with a piece of paper


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